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Which? is a United Kingdom brand name that promotes informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services by testing products, highlighting inferior products or services, raising awareness of consumer rights and offering independent advice. The brand name is used by the Consumers' Association, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee that owns several businesses, including Which? Financial Services Limited (Which? Mortgage Advisers), Which? Legal Limited and Which? Limited, which publishes the Which? Papers.

The vast majority of the association's income comes from the profit it makes on its trading businesses, for instance subscriptions to Which? magazine, which are donated to the campaigning part of the organisation to fund advocacy activity and inform the public about consumer issues. Which? magazine maintains its independence by not accepting advertising, and the organisation receives no government funding. The Consumers' Association is the largest consumer organisation in the UK, with over 573,000 subscribers to its magazine.

One very unhappy user said this about how useless they are: Couldn’t be any more useless! Signed up to get reviews of fridge freezers and found the information to be misleading, incorrect, and incomplete in every single review. Absolutely no reference to build quality or reliability either, which from a paid review site is simply a given. Ironic that a review company should have such poor reviews. I cancelled after one day (what an absolutely farce that is too!) and am now waiting for confirmation of cancellation - I’m not holding my breath though, I’ll likely be charged next month like everyone else. Don’t fall for these muppets.


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stones288 says

"crashed and blue screened my pc, then spent 15 mins trying to delete all your hidden programmes. Deleted, not stopped, but deleted my MSE. MALWARE"

Yoyozbi says

"Great antivirus but with some big problem... I changed my credit card so i had to reconfigure the card. I've waited until the end of my license because i was unable to know to which account it was linked. When i renewed my license i didn't see it but it was a 1 compter license that i payed 40€."

christine evans says

"I deleted this anti virus in less than 24 hours as it made my computer slow and i started getting pornographic pop ups"

Terry Powell says

"I cancelled my payments as I don’t like auto renew I like to decide for myself whether I want to continue to use apps for another year. Unfortunately this messed up Kaspersky and I had one hell of a job to do a manual review and try and cancel existing licence. I finally managed and bought a new copy of the software, it was then I realised that by doing so I had saved over £22.00, Kaspersky were going to charge me twice as much to auto renew. I would suggest that if you auto renew you are getting ripped off by the company that you are staying faithful to. What a poor way to treat people."

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